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How to Market in China?

Things are quite difficult for a foreign investor to do advertisements and marketing in China. One of the reasons for this is the fact that China has a different set of rules, ecosystem and not to mention, vast different language. With this being said, it will be advisable that you forget everything that you have learned and start from nothing.

Besides, you have to prepare that there is no presence of Facebook, no Twitter, no YouTube and no Google. But still, you are quite lucky because there are counterparts of these podcasts websites that you can use in China. If you can quickly become accustomed with these mirrored sites from China, then your progress to market and advertise in the country will be faster.

Number 1. Baidu – this is basically Google’s counterpart in China as it literally owns the 70 percent of market share in mainland China. Contrary to what people know, Baidu didn’t just copy Google but also, it is using several aspects that Google has. If you try navigating on this site, you may be surprised that both the user experience and user interface are the same with Google.

But since this is what used heavily by its people, knowing how you can get around with it can help big time in promoting your brand and products.

Number 2. Sougou – if Baidu is the counterpart of Google, then Sougou is going to be Yahoo when it comes to market share. However, Sougou is under the umbrella of Sohu Inc. that sells different kinds of products online that reaches to different parts of the country. But what made Sougou standout from Baidu is simply the fact that they have closed partnerships with several social media companies in China similar to WeChat. With this, it has enabled Sougou users to search for contents from the platform a lot easier, check out and view here now!

Number 3. Qihoo 360 – in comparison to Baidu, Qihoo 360 Technology Co. Ltd. didn’t began as search engine. Instead, it was selling mostly third party software online for antivirus which then started selling its own proprietary antivirus products. See this video at for more insights about marketing.

It has additionally expanded to search engine as in 2016 and now owns around 10.52 percent of market share. One of its biggest accomplishments is that, it owns the second most used browser in China after IE or Internet Explorer.

Number 4. WeChat – if you do not have WeChat, then you are not marketing in China. Basically, it is the top rated IM application in the country with over 750 million active users per day. And if you are a foreign investor, doing paid ads on this platform will be difficult especially if you don’t have a legal and registered business.

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